How the Gig Economy Impacts Background Screening

Gig work is everywhere. If you don’t know what a gig is, you probably haven’t spent much time around the internet. Loosely defined, a gig is a short, one-off, job that pays on a per participant basis. Ridesharing companies are the most obvious example of a gig-based business model, but there are many, many others.

Food delivery is a popular gig. Nowadays, though, there are gig companies for massage therapists, clinical psychologists, doctors, and lawyers. There are even gigs for writers, who craft blogs for smart brands on the internet.

But How Has the Gig Economy Impacted Background Screening?

Background screening used to be pretty standard for most American employers. When you got a job, depending on the parameters of that job, you might have to go down to your local police station and get a set of fingerprints made. You might have to submit those to a national database and wait weeks to begin your new job.

This was a hassle for employers and employees. When businesses are hiring, it’s generally because there is an immediate need. But background checks have been a standard for a reason; employers don’t want people convicted of embezzlement handling their cash deposits, and so on.

But how do gig companies handle this issue?

Well, up until recently, many haven’t been. Many haven’t felt the need to conduct background checks on an employee–really an independent contractor–who may be gone off to another company in a few days. But these gig-type jobs do bring people into relationships of confidence, they bring people into close proximity. A cab company may screen it’s drivers, but does your ride-sharing app?

Now, there are background screening organizations that have built a new system that can more efficiently and quickly screens these gig-workers. This system combines a bit of the old and a bit of the new, it allows people to continue supplementing their income through these gig-type jobs while also protecting the consumers who use these services and the services themselves.

Consumers feel safer knowing their driver or delivery man isn’t going to take advantage of their position to exploit them, and gig-companies themselves feel safer knowing they’re not likely to be sued for negligent hiring.

In short, background checks for gig economy companies are quickly becoming a whole new standard. If you work in the gig economy or want to learn more about background checks for gig economy … Read the rest

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Need A Tax Lawyer: Essential Services

The IRS tax code isn’t easy to understand which is why tax attorneys stay busy. After all, these professionals have been trained on providing advice in complicated issues. They work with trusts, estate planning, tax disputes, and business tax law. Tax layers can even help to prepare tax returns although this is unusual.

When to Seek Out a Tax Lawyer

There are a few reasons why a person might seek out tax lawyers such as local firms like One primary reason is for individuals or groups that are starting a business. Tax law plays into starting both large and small businesses. It’s important to have a good understanding about the structure and tax treatment of the company. Not only can their services help to save money, it will also keep the company compliant with tax laws.

Another reason why it may be necessary to consult with a tax attorney is any legal issues. Anyone who wants to bring a lawsuit against the IRS, is under investigation by the IRS or wants an independent review of their case before the US Tax Court will need the expertise of these professionals. Not only will you want someone who is familiar with a courtroom but also someone who is well-versed in tax laws.

Finally, it may also be beneficial to seek out a tax lawyer if you engage in any type of international business. With this type of business, you’ll need help as laws and taxes vary when working internationally. You’ll likely need assistance with contracts and tax treatments. The assistance of a trained professional can be invaluable in this type of situation. It would not be prudent to try and do international business on your own.

Finding a Tax Attorney

When you find yourself in need of a tax attorney, you’ll want to find a company that is specialized in tax law. You can use a local service such as to find legal help in your area. Make sure to ask any prospective tax lawyers what area of tax law they’re specialized in to find the right fit. You’ll also want to discuss fees and your particular needs to find the right lawyer or firm. It’s well worth taking your time in this area as you want someone who is knowledgeable and can provide the assistance that you need. These are just a few reasons why tax lawyers are needed and … Read the rest

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What Happens After You File a Workers’ Comp Claim

Not sure what to do after a worker’s comp case is filed, or not sure where to turn if you are hurt on the job? If you are unsure if you should file a claim, or if you are dealing with a social security disability claim your former employer doesn’t want to pay out on, Kentons Law Office can help you. Not only in properly filing a claim, but also in helping you determine what your case is worth, who is at fault (and who to go after), and working to ensure you are going to receive just compensation for the injuries you have sustained, due to the fault or negligent acts of others.

Your rights

Kentons Law Office will help preserve your rights and inform you of those rights. Many people are under the impression that they’ll get fired if they do file a worker’s comp claim; this isn’t the case, and your employer can’t fire you because of this. Or, some people aren’t sure who to go after if they sustained injuries and need medical attention. The team at Kentons Law Office will not only help ensure the claim is filed properly and in a timely fashion, but will also inform you of your rights, how much your injuries are worth, and what can or can’t be done by your employer, if you do choose to file a claim.

Proper representation

You don’t have to fight your employer alone or work against other attorneys on your own. When you have a lawyer representing you, you know that you are going to receive what you should receive in the form of damages. You don’t have to try to negotiate on your own, or accept an offer that is far less than your case is worth. The team at Kentons will fight to ensure you receive just compensation, and that your rights are preserved at all times in the process if you do file a claim or if you are hurt, and want to know what your rights and options are, after the accident or injuries have been sustained.

There are quite a few questions running through your mind, and this is often the case after you are hurt. If you aren’t sure what to do, the first step is to reach out to an attorney who will inform you of your rights, and help you in filing a claim … Read the rest

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Top Benefits of Cremation

There’s nothing more painful than losing a loved one. It’s also a burden to the family as they have to start making arrangements of how to dispose of the remains of the deceased. If it has happened to you, then you have to make a decision on which method to use to take care of your loved one’s remains. You can either choose the traditional burial or cremation. Many people today are opting for the latter due to the many benefits it offers. Cremation is easier, cheaper, and more convenient than a traditional burial. Contrary to popular belief, cremation does not go against any religious beliefs as you can still bury the ashes after cremation.

If you’re still not sure whether cremation is the right option for you, here are a few cremation benefits to help you make an informed decision. 

1. Cremation is Cheaper

This is probably the biggest reason why most people are preferring cremation to traditional burial. In these tough economic times, it’s a good idea to go for the cheapest option even when disposing of your loved one remains and cremation is the way to go. When you choose cremation, you save a lot of money that can be used in other more important things. Arranging a funeral service today can cost you up to 6,500 dollars, but cremation can cost you almost half of that amount. When you decide to go the traditional way, you incur a lot of expenses such as buying a casket which can cost you around $2,000. Also, you need to purchase a burial plot, arrange a funeral service, etc. But with cremation, you just pay for the cremation, buy an urn, and if you want, hold a small cremation service.  

2. Portability of the Remains

Another benefit of cremation is that you can take the ashes of a cremated body to anywhere you want. You can take them to a river, ocean, top of a mountain or anywhere you desire. Some people may also choose to keep the urn with the remains in their home. This is great as you will always be near to the remains loved one wherever you move to.

3. Convenience

Cremation is more convenient than traditional burial which requires a lot of arrangements. With cremation, you can do it as soon as your loved passes on and hold a funeral service later whenever you … Read the rest

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What Are Three Current Issues Regarding Employee Rights in the Workplace

If you feel like you have been a victim of discrimination at work, you should do three things. First, you should report it to your supervisor at work or your HR department. Second, you should file a case to EEOC or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Lastly, you should consult with an employee rights attorney group. 

What are 3 Different Forms of Discrimination?

Discriminatory remarks and actions that are unwelcome can be considered a form of discrimination. In a work environment, the common forms of discriminations are related to: 

• age 
• gender 
• race 
• ethnicity or race 
• color of skin 
• disability 
• sexual relationship 
• pregnancy

What to Do in Case You Become a Victim of Discrimination 
If you are in imminent danger, you should call for help immediately. Call 9-1-1 or a family member and ask for help from the police. If there is no danger but the harassment is causing you stress, talk to the person if you can. Ask the person involved to stop. 

If it is currently on-going or happening at your office, keep records of the discrimination. Keep date and time and be as specific as you can with your record. Also, check your work handbook policy to verify if your company has policies against discrimination. Do not hesitate to report discrimination to your HR office and if they won’t do anything about it, then take the case outside your office and talk to an employee rights attorney group. 

There are a lot of employee rights groups that you can find online. You can also ask your HR office if they knew or if they can recommend a particular group. When choosing a group that will represent or assist you, you should consider the following: 

• Will they charge you or are they working pro bono? 
• To what extent will they help you? Will they give advice, or will they represent you if needed? 
• Do they have licensed practitioners that can help you? 
• Do they offer additional services such as counseling for people who were a victim of discrimination and harassment? 

The good thing is, your protection against discrimination is provided by the law hence if a company did something that will discriminate you, it is the law that they’ll have to fight. Do not be afraid to speak out as there are groups and organizations that … Read the rest

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Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

There are many reasons why you need a lawyer after a car crash. Before you reach any type of settlement, you want to make certain that all of your rights are covered. Reliable car accident attorneys can do what it takes to make sure that you receive the much needed compensation that is owed to you if you are injured or your vehicle was damaged. When you are hurt and need help, a trustworthy lawyer can make sure that you have a professional on your side so that insurance companies do not take advantage of you.

Many people do not know how much they can get for their injuries and property damages after an accident. It is important to talk with a lawyer because they have the training and experience needed to guide you through the legal process. ”A good attorney can make your life much easier by making sure you know everything you need to know before you sign any agreements.” says, attorney Nancy Hollander. It is important to think about the future because some accidents can cause a lifetime of problems. You do not want to settle quickly and then not be able to be compensated for any doctor’s bills or surgeries that you may need down the road due to your injury.

A qualified lawyer will be able to speak with you about lost wages. If you miss work, you deserve to be compensated for your lost wages so that you can keep up with your normal bills. You should also be compensated for medical bills, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more. A reliable lawyer will be able to listen to your unique case and tell you what you are eligible for.

Car accident settlement attorneys can make sure that you follow all of the rules that pertain to your type of case. There are different laws in different states, so it is important to talk with a lawyer who can make sure that you follow the guidelines for your specific location.

If you hire a lawyer, the legal process can go by faster and smoother. You will not have to worry about making mistakes and possibly giving up your rights, so you can also have peace of mind. If you are interested in learning more about hiring a qualified attorney to help you after a car crash, contact Farzam Law for more information.

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Celebrities Who Made The Biggest Charity Efforts Ever

Celebrities are most often associated with over-the-top lifestyles and rocky relationships. Their lives provide endless grist for the online info-tainment mill on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Because of their frequent use of mobile devices and social media, America’s young people are in the virtual front row to view everything that these stars, their publicity companies and even their detractors send out. Fortunately, there is a bright spot in this grim story: Many of the most famous sports and entertainment luminaries are also committed to promoting charities that are on the front lines helping young people at risk. Although it is not comprehensive by any means, the following selection of stars and the charities they back might surprise you.


He might be an independent artist, but this widely popular Chicago-born rapper is proudly loyal to his native city. To demonstrate his commitment to at-risk youth, he donated $1 million to the Chicago Public Schools Foundation.

  1. DRE

This entertainment mogul and one-time NWA rapper recently forked over a whopping $10 million to build a performing arts center at L.A.’s newly constructed Compton High School. Among other things, the center will include a state-of-the-art recording studio that can help to foster the talent of South Central’s budding musicians.


This Boston native and award-winning actor created the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation in 2001. His organization helps to promote success in vulnerable youth by sponsoring a summer camp for urban teens. In addition, the foundation recently sponsored a summit to address the country’s opioid addiction epidemic.


Arguably the best basketball player of all time, King James is also making a huge difference off the court through his LeBron James Family Foundation. Each year, it gives millions of dollars to young people in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio that enable financially disadvantaged youth to pursue a college education. The foundation also supports programs for younger kids that encourage community involvement and self-esteem and empowerment.


This up-and-coming Los Angeles musician and entrepreneur wears many hats. He is the drummer for alternative band Half the Animal and is corporate operations officer of Milky Agency. In addition, he serves as chief executive officer of Gross Labs, a music and entertainment studio. The Find Your Grind Foundation, Nick Gross’ charity, provides experiential learning opportunities for aspiring young entrepreneurs who want to think outside the box of Read the rest

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Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans: Read This Before You Apply

When most people think of a financial loan, they assume the money will need to be paid back at some point. However, as more financial services are now available to individuals, one of the most attractive and popular options for those awaiting settlements from personal injury lawsuits is pre-settlement funding. While often referred to as lawsuit loans, there are many differences in how these financial arrangements are handled. If you are involved in a lawsuit and needing money to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses, here are some important details regarding pre-settlement funding.

Once you decide pre-settlement funding is a viable option for you, speak to your attorney. If they are in agreement with you, they can put you in touch with various companies specializing in these arrangements. After contacting a company and providing information about yourself and your case, the company will then contact your attorney to gain additional details about your lawsuit. After this conversation, the company will then decide if your case is eligible for pre-settlement funding. If so, they will send a copy of a financing agreement to your attorney.

When it comes to lawsuit loans, you are not expected to pay back any money, even if you lose your case. Instead, the company agrees to purchase a certain percentage of the anticipated total settlement amount. In most cases, this can range from 20-30 percent. Thus, when your case settles, the company receives the portion of the settlement it purchased.

Once you and your attorney have reviewed the agreement and you decide to choose this option, you simply sign the agreement and have your attorney forward it to the company. After it is received and all information on the document is verified to be correct and truthful, the company will then send you the money, often within 24 hours.

By having money in hand while waiting for your case to reach a settlement, you and your family can once again live a life free from financial worries. Rather than sit back and continue to let unpaid medical bills and other expenses ruin your quality of life and your family’s financial future, consider the possibility of pre-funding settlements. By doing so, you and your attorney can discuss the option in great detail, review the key aspects of your case, and then move forward with a plan that will help secure you and your family

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Tips on finding and Choosing the Best Attorney for You and Your Personal Injury Case

There are many attorneys out there, and while that should make
it easier for you to get the right one for your specific case, it actually
makes things harder because then, you have the dilemma of choice. If you are stuck, The Lee Legal Group is here
to point you in the right direction and help you land the perfect fit for your
legal issue.

Here are a few pointers;

  • Know what kind of lawyer you need

A real estate lawyer is not going to be able to help you
with a divorce matter. Similarly, a human rights attorney is not going to do
much for you if you are trying to recover a piece of property taken from you by
a neighbor. You have to understand what your problem is and what kind of legal
representation it requires.

  • Speak to friends and family

Chances are that those in your immediate family or circle of
friends have needed representation in the past and come across good lawyers. Even
if they cannot get the specific kind of
attorney you are looking for, they can point you to a firm that deals with
diverse aspects of the law.

  • Look at online listings

There are many websites out there that help potential
clients meet the right lawyers for their cases. You could, for example, check
There are also hundreds of big websites that list and review lawyers, and this
gives you a hint into who the right attorney for you might be.

  • Create a list

After landing the names and contact details of several
attorneys from your area, create a list from which you can eliminate those who
do not look very affordable or reliable. Use their websites to evaluate their
reliability and sense of honesty. Look out for red flags such as unrealistic
promises or bad reviews.

  • Go for experience

A lawyer will only represent you in the right way if they
are experienced in a specific field. If they have been around for two years,
they won’t understand the intricacies of your case as well as someone who has
been in their line of work for ten years.

The Lee Legal Group has been around for a long time now. We take
pride in representing our clients in all types of legal issues and will be
glad to take on your case on. All you need to do is reach … Read the rest

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What is the Best Credit Card Processing for Small Business

Regardless of whether you plan to take payments from your customers online or in person, you will need to choose a credit card processing service. This provider acts as the “middle man” or link between your business and issuers, banks and credit card providers. Once you understand the key features to look for, you can wade through the confusing forest of providers and find the one that best meets your business’s needs.


As you look through your many options when it comes to credit card processing services, your wallet is probably your primary worry, and no wonder. Who hasn’t heard the horror stories of merchants being locked into nightmarish contracts that kept them in a stranglehold for years? While you might find that you need to pay some upfront costs with certain providers, others will have none. Where you will really notice the differences is in the fees. These include:

  • Interchange fees. Charged for every transaction you process, they range from 2 to 3 percent. The amount depends on factors such as the type of card used, the size of the transaction and whether it is done in-store, online or by phone.
  • Monthly statement fees of about $10 to mail the statement to you.
  • Application and setup fees. Some companies charge when you apply; others do so to help you set up the equipment. These vary widely from one company to the next.
  • Monthly minimum fee. If you do not make enough transactions to meet or exceed the minimum amount, you are charged the difference.
  • Monthly gateway access fee for your payment gateway.
  • Early termination fee if you cancel your contract prematurely.

Since many of these fees fluctuate widely from one vendor to another, shop around. Although cheaper is not always better, choosing a provider with more manageable fees certainly makes sense if they offer the other features you want.


When you run a business, time is money. You can’t afford to have lengthy periods of days when you are off line and unable to process payments. Therefore, be sure you choose a company that can get you up and running quickly and provide support to you and your staff as you learn the new system.


One of the fastest ways to lose a customer occurs when they want to pay for their purchase using a particular method that the vendor does not Read the rest

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