Several adults may find themselves experiencing numbness in one part of their body after an injury. This lack of sensation may also arise in other ways, with the cause being less obvious.

If you are experiencing numbness, your first thought may have been to see your general practitioner for treatment. However, numbness can often be addressed by a procedure that’s done by a back doctor.

What could be causing numbness?

Several factors could contribute to numbness. After doing diagnostic testing, your doctor may find that your numbness is caused by injury to your spine.

For example, if a disc in your back is compressing a nerve, this could lead to numbness. In some situations the disc can be replaced. An artificial disc would be used to offer support to your body if your own

disc can no longer effectively perform its function.

Where might numbness be experienced?

Many people with numbness report a lack of sensation in one of their arms while others may not be able to feel much in both of their arms. Some people say that they have a loss of sensation in one on both legs. In all cases, numbness can make a patient more prone to accidents.

Numbness limits a person’s ability to perform their regular functions, such as lifting or even detecting objects around them. Numbness can also hinder that person’s ability to move.

Can numbness be treated with surgery?

If numbness is caused by a herniated disc it can sometimes be treated with surgery. A spine MD can help with this type of procedure.

A herniated disc bulges in such a way that it compresses a nerve. This compression leads to a loss of function in the nerve.

If you think of a nerve as a road carrying cars, a compressed nerve would be a road that’s crushed, compacted or squeezed in one section in such a way that hardly any cars can get through. In the same way, a compressed nerve doesn’t allow electrical signals to flow in the way that they should, so communication is hindered.

Is every person a good candidate for back surgery?

Each person is unique and the treatment option that is best for you may not be ideal for someone else. This is why it’s important to discuss all of your options with a back doctor who specializes in your type of injury. They can recommend the procedures that would be of the greatest benefit to you.